Davis College of Business

The Davis College of Business contains these schools:

Davis College of Business Vision and Mission Statement:


To be the preeminent private college of business in Florida for driven students, dedicated faculty, and discerning employers.


Our mission is to empower students to achieve sustainable career success with a high quality, relevant, and applied educational experience that is delivered by faculty committed to advancing the individual development of each student. 

We sustain and enact our mission through:

  1. Our commitment to students
  2. Relevant faculty intellectual contributions
  3. Engagement with the business community
  4. Innovative curriculum


These values represent the common beliefs that guide us. We commit to:

People– support continuous personal, professional, and leadership development of our faculty, students, alumni, and community members, recognizing the value of diversity and differing points of view.

Excellence- support progressive and meaningful research, creative activity, and knowledge dissemination. To celebrate excellence in teaching, as we strive to become thought-leaders in global business education in conjunction with our active pursuit of global partners.

Collaboration - actively seek partnership opportunities and mentoring relationships with the corporate community in order to enrich the educational experience of our business students, foster shared responsibility for learning, and promote the practical relevance of our programs.

Innovation- embrace and explore innovation in curriculum and technology as a means of enhancing and delivering business instruction in order to increase relevance and flexibility for our students and expand our academic outreach.