Parking and Traffic Regulations

Driving and parking on the JU campus are considered privileges under the jurisdiction of the Senior Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students. Reckless or unsafe driving, speeding or illegal parking will result in disciplinary action and/or fines.

University students and employees must register their vehicles annually with Campus Security, normally at the beginning of the fall term. At the time of vehicle registration, a parking decal will be issued.

Vehicle owners/drivers who register vehicles will receive a copy of the parking and traffic rules and regulations at the time of vehicle registration.

Noncompliance with the rules and regulations concerning safe operation of vehicles on campus and parking will result in penalties. These penalties will range from fines to having your vehicle booted, towed from campus, to loss of parking privileges. Failure to pay parking fines within 30 days may result in additional fines and possible booting and/or towing. Final grades, transcripts, and diplomas will be withheld from students until fines and any late fees are paid. University employees are also subject to the parking rules and regulations and administrative action for violations.