Disclaimer Notification

Jacksonville University intends to adhere to the rules and regulations, course offerings, and financial charges as announced in this Catalog and in other publications. The University, nevertheless, reserves the right to withdraw any subject or course, to change the academic calendar, to change rules affecting the admission and retention of students or the granting of credit or degrees, or to alter its fees and other charges, whenever such changes are desirable or necessary. Attendance at Jacksonville University is a privilege that may be forfeited by anyone whose conduct is inconsistent with the traditions, policies, or regulations of the University.

Jacksonville University has decided to implement early recission of the gainful employment rule as offered by the DOE secretary's authority under section 482 (c) of the HEA to designate the regulatory changes to subpart Q and subpart R of the Student Assistance General Provisions at Title 34 part 668 of the Code of Federal Regulations for early implementation. 

In choosing to early implement the recission of the gainful employment regulations, JU will not be required to report GE data for the 2018-2019 award year to NSLDS, which will be due October 1, 2019.  Additionally, JU will not be required to comply with the current requirements in 34 CFR 668.412 (d) and (e) that require institutions to include the disclosure template, or a link thereto, in the GE program promotional materials and directly distribute the disclosure template to prospective students, which will be required starting on July 1, 2019. JU will no longer be required to post the GE Disclosure Template and may remove the template and any other GE disclosures that are required under 34 CFR 668.412 from their web pages.  Finally, JU will not be required to comply with the certification requirements for GE programs under 34 CFR 668.414.